Objective 1

Carrying out an assessment of the national institutional framework in the field of domestic violence and violence against women

1.1. Carrying out a national study on the prevalence of various forms of violence against women

The study conducted at national level aims to highlight specific elements of the phenomenon of violence against women, including sexual violence and intimate partner violence (with a focus on physical violence, psychological and economic violence) in order to underpin the development of effective long-term public policies on preventing and combating domestic violence and violence against women; to support the development of specialized services to facilitate victims’ access to necessary and appropriate support measures.
The services required to carry out this national study are provided on the basis of a public procurement contract concluded with C | C | S | A | S http://ccsas.ro
The conclusions of the study were presented publicly on the occasion of the International Conference organized by ANES on April 27, 2021, at the Capitol Hotel in Bucharest, with the online participation of representatives of several national and European institutions with relevant activity in preventing and combating violence against women.
National study regarding the prevalence of the forms of domestic violence and violence against women in Romania ENG (link)

Activity 1.2 Assessment of the institutional capacity to fully implement national policy in the field of domestic violence and gender-based violence and the implementation of capacity-building measures
An extensive process will be carried out to assess the capacity of the Romanian authorities to implement the Istanbul Convention and the institutional capacity of ANES regarding the elaboration and implementation of public policies and specific normative acts as well as its role as a national mechanism. which ensures the methodological coordination of the different local monitoring and intervention bodies: General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection Interministerial Committee for Preventing and Combating Domestic Violence, National Commission for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men, County Commissions for Equal Opportunities for women and men.
The evaluation report prepared as a result of this activity will contain recommendations for strengthening the Romanian institutional capacity and for improving workflows with other institutions in the field, taking into account examples of good practice from other countries implementing the Istanbul Convention.
The activity will be carried out following a contract for consultancy and training services awarded following a public tender procedure.