Objective 2

2.Improving the methods of interinstitutional intervention at the level of the judiciary, including at the level of law enforcement bodies

Multidisciplinary training sessions will be organized for 250 professionals from the judiciary (judges, prosecutors) and from the intervention bodies. The training will focus on the key elements in situations of domestic violence for cases of domestic violence and violence against women at the same time, taking into account the specific features of minorities.ethnic groups with an emphasis on the issue of Roma minority women.
The beneficiaries of the training sessions, judges, prosecutors, police officers, will be selected on the basis of individual interest or officially appointed by the institutions to which they belong.

Activity 2.2 Improving inter-institutional intervention methods, by developing intervention procedures and methodologies in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence, mainly for police officers, including raising awareness and disseminating them.

The aim of this activity is to develop a set of unitary regulations at the level of the primary intervention process and prevention, in order to improve the quality of intervention and specialized support for the protection of victims. In the process of developing them, examples of good practice already tested and validated in other states will be used.
Specifically, the following working procedures will be covered:
Working procedure on measures to prevent cases of domestic violence
Inter-institutional working procedure on reporting, collecting and monitoring data in the field of domestic violence.
In this regard, ANES has started a process of consultations with representatives of relevant institutions in the field. A Working Group has been set up to discuss the proposals underlying the development of unitary working procedures, which will be included in the relevant secondary legislation.
The specialists participating in the consultations are representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (IGPR), the Ministry of Justice (INM) and the environment of public and private providers of social services for preventing and combating domestic violence: The Romanian National College of Social Workers (CNASR), the Romanian College of Psychologists (COPSI), the Eastern European Institute of Reproductive Health (IEESR), the General Directorate of Social Assistance of the Municipality of Bucharest (DGASMB), the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Alba (DGASPC Alba), the Association of the Romanian Group for the Defense of Human Rights, the Transcena Association, Community Mediation and Security Center, E-Romnja, ANAIS Association, Association for Gender Freedom and Equality.
The final result of this activity will consist in the elaboration of 2 draft joint Orders regarding the approval of the two procedures.